Познакомься с Викканом, который разделяет твой стиль жизни!
Познакомься с Викканом, который разделяет твой стиль жизни!
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It would be a pleasure to stay in

Возраст 39 из Ashburn, Virginia Онлайн - Вчера
Женщина ищет Мужчину (в 0 миль)

I would like each and every little thing that you've shared on here with me about you and I guess there are more interesting we both can get to know about each other...

Merry meet 💓 Blessed be )0(

Возраст 40 из Benton, Missouri Онлайн - 2 дн. назад
Женщина ищет Мужчину (в 674 миль)

Hi, I'm Tabbi. I'm a solitary practitioner. Looking to find someone who understands why I live the way I do.

I am old fashiond and love the water

Возраст 25 из Brantford, Ontario Онлайн - Более 2 недель назад
Женщина ищет Мужчину (в 318 миль)

I am a native irish italian girl i love reading by the water and crossstich and i love cooking and baking . if you like me then message me if not then thats ok to

Looking for Happiness and Love?

Возраст 52 из Vermilion, Ohio Онлайн - 6 дн. назад
Женщина ищет Женщину (в 306 миль)

I am looking for my twin flame. I know she’s out there, are you her? She’s kind, appreciative, funny, honest, spiritual, intuitive, empathetic and just overall amazing but not perfect. She has had some bad experiences in life but she has...

Cats. Books. Social Anxiety.

Возраст 24 из Milton, Delaware Онлайн - Более 2 недель назад
Женщина ищет Мужчину (в 119 миль)

I’ve only recently started exploring Wicca as a belief system, and I'm excited to get to know other members of the community as I continue to learn and grow. I work as an RBT, doing behavioral therapy for children with autism. Currently live on...

I may look small but I am mighty. 😘

Возраст 47 из Bradford, Ontario Онлайн - Более 2 недель назад
Женщина ищет Мужчину (в 367 миль)

I am a mom of 3 boy. My world. My boys are 31, 29, and 14. I also live with and take care of my father whom has Alzheimer’s. My mother passed away in January. Have a very large dislike for cheaters. So none of that please and thank you. I have a...

Camping and witchcraft anyone?

Возраст 33 из Marion, Ohio - Онлайн Сейчас
Женщина ищет Мужчину (в 317 миль)

I'm a single mom to 3, fairly new to it all but learning daily. Other than that, I'm just a country girl with a healthy obsession for anything outdoors and the moon. I don't pay to use this site so I'm unable to read messages. I can only see message...

I'm here, what are your other two wishes

Возраст 46 из Nashville, Tennessee Онлайн - Более 2 недель назад
Женщина ищет Мужчину (в 546 миль)

Fun loving, drama free girl looking for something real. Dope heads, unemployed, dead beats need not apply. I love to laugh, even at myself.

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