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Reaching Out - Alone I'm Fort Wayne
Age 24 From Fort Wayne, Indiana - Online - 2 weeks ago
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I'm considered an eclectic witch. Returning to my roots and old practices, I'm really diving into the studies of craft and trying to find my way. At the same time, I also realized that there are few who could be open minded to paganism and do I thought to look here. I'm generally told that I've been bubbly, but these days I can be quiet and in my own head until we get a laughing conversation going. I'm very mindful and off and on self aware. I tend to look at relationships between people from an outside perspective in order to better grasp situations. I'm an incredibly open and understanding person. My current field is medical. I'll be going to nursing school and if I grow bored of that, medical school. If I can't find healthy connections to make in Fort Wayne then I will likely be returning to Oregon. Message me. I'm not shy.